Technique Learning Solutions Ltd is one of the country’s leading Engineering Training Providers. As a result of our continued achievements and growth we have successfully gained a place on the Register of Training Apprenticeship Providers (RoTap) enabling us to offer and deliver the following Apprenticeship Standards:

Technique Learning Solutions Ltd prides itself on offering a range of blended and flexible approaches to teaching and learning delivery. This ensures that your staff gain maximum knowledge and skills through recognised qualifications and occupational standards with minimum impact upon the day to day functions of your organisation.

Our approach to teaching and learning is not only flexible but also tailored to meet individual need and ability. All our tutors are qualified and experienced industry experts able to:

  • Deliver one to one support and group delivery through agreed visits with potential Apprentices every 6 – 8 weeks. Contact and support is maintained in between visits and throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • Offer an array of delivery and teaching methods, including day release where appropriate, to ensure maximum impact and understanding.
  • Provide Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) where appropriate.
  • Diagnose additional learning support needs and provide tailored and structured support to individual apprentices.
  • Provide continuous and meaningful engagement with the employer providing ongoing and clear feedback and communication.
  • Deliver English and Maths up to Level Two to all apprentices who currently do not hold these functional skills to this level.
  • Meet and exceed occupational and industry standards in all our delivery and engagement.
  • Motivate, encourage and increase confidence, knowledge, skills and behaviours with all our apprentices adding value and depth to your workforce.

Technique Learning Solutions Ltd aim to provide you a high quality service throughout your apprenticeship journey. We will provide all management services to you in a transparent and accountable way with the aim of reducing the administrative burden upon your organisation.

This includes:

  • Conducting Initial Assessments with potential Apprentices.
  • Vetting and ensuring suitability and eligibility of potential Apprentices.
  • Completing all required enrolment paperwork.
  • Administrating your “Apprenticeship Service Account.
  • Provide management and administrative support throughout the duration of the apprenticeship including “Gateway” and “End Point Assessment.

If you are a Levy Paying Employer and want to upskill your existing or new staff in any of the above Apprenticeship Standards then please complete the expression of interest form below.

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