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Picture of hands working on an electrical system with the words AM2 Assessment across the image

Technique Learning Solutions are now offering AM2 assessments at our approved training centre!

What is the AM2 assessment?

Although this often described to as an AM2 electrical course or AM2 exam but it is in fact the new industry standard and used as the end point assessment for apprenticeships with qualifications such as ( C&G 2357 Level 3) or NVQ 3 (Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology) thus has been adopted by the apprenticeship framework. As such there is no training, it is purely an assessment.

This is also used more and more by people wishing to gain their JIB card as an electrician by those with older qualifications  that predate the NVQ that were formerly adequate  or indeed qualified electricians from outside the UK  looking to work in the industry.

The AM2 assessment is today undeniably the industry recognised trade test, designed to evidence that candidates have indeed gained all relevant technical and safety-critical competencies during their training process. It provides a single standard that has been agreed upon by employers within the electrical industry, giving a reliable and trusted guarantee of safe, high-quality skills for the electrotechnical industry.

Who is the AM2 for?

Firstly it is aimed at apprentices who are coming to the end of their training for the JIB apprentice training scheme and the Installation of modern apprenticeships. This course is also for experienced electricians, specifically those who are looking at taking the experienced worker route (AM2E.) There are a range of assessments for candidates based on their level:

  • AM2 – This is for candidates undertaking the JIB mature candidate assessments and those following the level three NVQ who isn’t an apprentice.
  • AM2S – This is for electrotechnical apprentices who are training against the apprenticeship standard
  • AM2E – This is for experienced workers who are completing the experienced worker assessment. Please note: this can only be taken once you have gained the experienced worker qualification, because of this proof must be required before booking the AM2 assessment.

What does the assessment consist of?

Overall, the assessment is an in-depth assessment carrying out tasks to show what you have learnt on your training or as part of the  apprenticeship framework. It is a practical assessment with five sections (six for AM2E and AM2S) and a short online component. Candidates will be expected to install, connect, terminate, inspect, test, commission and diagnose faults, following installation specifications provided and any relevant statutory and non-statutory regulations on:

  • A three-phase distribution board and sub circuit
  • A central heating/sustainable energy system
  • Lighting and power circuits
  • A data cabling system
  • A safety services circuit and device
  • Installation of containment systems (AM2E and AM2S only)

Candidates will complete timed tasks in equipped areas that contain typical electrical installation wiring systems – all work must comply with BS7671 Wiring Regulations, industry best practice, and meet the requirements of relevant health and safety legislation.

The separate sections consist of:

  • A1 -Safe Isolation & Risk Assessment
  • A2-A5 – Composite Installation
  • B- Inspection Testing & Certification
  • C- Safe Isolation of Circuits
  • D- Fault Diagnosis & Rectification
  • E-Assessment of Applied Knowledge

The assessment will be carried out in strict exam conditions across 2.5 days.

Do I need an AM2 certificate to work as an electrician?

Apprentices must pass their AM2 test in their last year to complete their apprenticeship but also , if the apprenticeship standard is not being followed, an AM2 certificate and a level three NVQ is required as the final step to gain a gold card.

Likewise, if you are already working as an electrician, you will not need an AM2 certificate unless you have older qualifications not currently recognised by the JIB for grading or furthermore someone formalising their training with the C&G 2346 qualification. Or finally If you are training to be an electrician and are registering for your NVQ level three in Electrical Installation or Maintenance, the electrotechnical diploma now includes the AM2.

The AM2 certification is an industry recognised and something that many employers will undoubtedly actively seek when hiring new staff. It can also clearly be attractive to potential customers.

How do I know if I’m ready for an Am2 assessment?

We have an AM2 assessment checklist whatever version your looking at which will highlight if you are ready for the AM2 assessment at this time, if you can answer the assessment with confidence then you can be indeed be sure you have the required level of knowledge & skills for the assessment.

Need a copy of the checklist? Contact our course advisors who will be more than happy to send you the assessment checklist and offer any advice you need.

The National Electrotechnical Training (NET) own, manages and provides development of the AM2 and consequently are responsible for setting the standards of this assessment inline with the changing needs of the electrotechnical  industry.

Course Overview

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Picture of hands working on an electrical system with the words AM2 Assessment across the image


Essential Guides supplied *throughout* the assessment

17th edition course

First exam fee included!

The Tutors:

Our Assessors are qualified, highly experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and  extremely friendly as well as being approved by the NET  you can take full advantage of all the tips of the trade, personal experiences and practical advice they offer. This assessment is intensive, but not daunting in the right atmosphere which is what we have created.  The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable which creates a good environment at lets you get on with your AM2 assessment.

Resit Fees: AM2/AM2s/AM2E

Resit Sections

  • Lighting Circuit & Ring Final Circuit (2.25 hours)
  • SWA & Motor Circuit (2.25 hours)
  • Central Heating (2 hours)
  • Bonding, Data & Safety Circuit FP200 (2 hours)
  • Containment AM2S/E only (1.5 hours)


1 section £235

2 sections £365

3 sections £430

4 sections £520

5 sections £570

Section – Resit Fee

  • A1, C, E – £170
  • B, D – £235

Please note:

  • AM2 section C1 will now be Section C
  • AM2 section C2 will now be Section D
  • AM2 section D will now be Section E

Course Reviews

Very good course, could do with some form of preliminary pre exam course so it's not quite so overwhelming.
Ashley R 05/08/2022

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AM2 -£840

AM2S/AM2E £910

AM2s V1.1 Apprenticeships registered after 4th September 2023 £1375.00

AM2e V1.1 Apprentices registered afterth September 2023 £1200.00

The difference in pricing should be checked against the apprenticeship version being taken

Course Duration:

AM2 – 2 and a half days
AM2 S – 3 days
AM2 E – 3 days

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